Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Emmry at 9 Months

 Weight: 14 pounds 4 ounces
Height: 26 1/2 inches 
Head: 17 

Oh my goodness time is going so fast. 9 months, I can't believe you are here! We have weighed you on the scale at home and I figured you were around 15 pounds but I figured you would be no different than your sisters and be small. You were alittle smaller than I thought and the doctor was concerned but I told him that all my babies were their smallest from 9 months to a year and not to worry. 

I have tried to give you extra milk but you still will have nothing to do with a bottle and a binky is still a no go! You are loving solid foods. The last month we have been doing baby food along with some food that mommy or daddy is eating. Upon reaching the 9 month mark you want everything that anybody else has. Yesterday at Livi's field trip to Geronimo's we had ice cream and mommy gave you a bite...I know I shocked myself.  You were being very insistent and as soon as you got it you were happy😉. 

You have been a really good sleeper until this week. You go to bed around 7:30 and wake up around 6 6:30 ish. Nurse and then eat breakfast around 9 or 9:30 then you want to nurse again before your nap between 9:30 and 10. You sleep between 1 and a half to two hours. Get up and nurse and sometimes you have a foot pouch but mostly nurse again before you go down for a nap again between 1:30 and 2. You nurse when you wake up and usually eat 2 food pouches and fruit. Mommy has been trying to feed you dinner at 630 so you can nurse at 7 and you have to wait to see daddy to go to sleep. 

This week has been hard because we have been running around and having things to do. It really is mommy a fault you haven't been taking good naps and waking up at 530am again to eat. You have to stop this but mommy needs to stay home and let you nap properly and then we wouldn't have any troubles. Next week we will crack down again. Summer is going to be hard

You have been up to a lot of things and you are such a joy in our lives:

  • Eating almost everything mommy and daddy have
  • You love yogurt melts and your sisters love to feed you and eat them too. 
  • You know when we try to FaceTime daddy...you know what the beeping is and if he doesn't answer or you don't see him you get really upset and cry. Daddy has had to call just to talk to you
  • You are sitting up great and love to dump out all your toys while playing
  • You love to laugh and it has become a deep laugh that makes everyone who eats it so happy
  • You are starting to cry alittle when you know mommy or daddy aren't holding you
  • We brought up your high hair and you have loved sitting in it. You still sit in the bumboo on the table too
  • On Livvy's birthday she got a new bed and we moved you to the crib. It's been great
  • Church has been alittle better the last few weeks. I usually can make it through sacrament meeting with a food pouch, Cheerios and yogurt melts. 
  • Your hair is growing and you have the bluest eyes. They go perfectly with your little chubby cheeks. Don't worry you got those from addi
  • I know when you want to nurse because you have this cute little cry that's saying come on mommy it's time for milk. 

 This picture show your cute little look and personality

 I used this picture for my first insta story. It was pretty cute and everyone loved it

 You loved Easter with your sisters. The eggs entertained you for an hour

 This mommy loves you so much and am so excited to hold you and cuddle you as long as possible. You are so sweet and mellow. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Emmry @ 7 months

  Wow little lady , you look older this month! It is going to fast. You are suck a happy go lucky baby. Unless you're hungry or tired, you are content to sit in the bumboo and watch mommy or your sisters. Tummy time is still a no go. You don't like to be on the floor and when mommy does put you on your tummy and you roll over...you start to cry cause you don't like it! 

What you've been up to:
  • Starting to love your cereal and squash. We tried bananas and you weren't to sure about them but I'm sure the next time you'll love them!
  • You are grawling and grunting. It's pretty cute
  • You love to get scared. You laugh every time
  • I put all your toys in a bucket just like I've done with both your sisters and you love it. Pretty soon you will be dumping it out
  • Gave you a soppy cup of water last week and you love it. You bite the top to get the water out. Still no sucking but I think you will give in soon and try it. 
  • I think the binky is a no go for you even though I wish you would take one. It would help a lot in church and falling asleep for naps. 
You still let mommy cuddle you. I take advantage of it because I know it won't last to much longer!

You're not sitting yet but we have been working on it and I think you'll get it in the next week or so. 

You and Henry are going to be such good friends. He is still double your size but you both are so cute together

You had your first cold last week. We're feeling a lot better but got into a few bad habits that are turning out hard to break. Mommy would rock you to sleep. And this week having to put yourself to sleep hasn't been fun! You are just so cute mommy isn't mad at all. But I'm having to have to crack down so you stay a good sleeper. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Emmry @ 6 Months

Weight: 13 pounds
Height: 25 1/2 inches long
Head: 16 inches around

I can't believe how fast 6 months have gone. This little baby girl has brought so much joy into our home. We waited and waited for you sweet Emmry and now can I just get it to slow down a little??!!  We went to see Doctor West a week ago the 12th, your half birthday!  You have been up to so many thing. It makes me so happy and sad at the same time if that's possible. 
  • This little lady is so happy in the mornings when she wakes up. I hear her talking and cooing. When I go in to get her she has the biggest smiles and I just want to eat her up. 
  • We've tried cereal and some squash and sweet potatoes. She eats it a little but it takes her a few times to swallow a bite. Not really interested or mommy isn't pushing it like I should. 
  • She still won't take a binky. I've tried it a few times lately to see if she wants it because of her finding her voice and it's kinda high pitched. It would be nice for soothing her at church or places that I have to stay sitting. 
  • She can roll from her tummy to her back but she doesn't like to. Really has only done it a few times. She cries after she rolls and before too. 
  • Emmy loves her fingers. Usually she has her pointer and middle fingers in her mouth sucking on them most of the time
  • She can hear when her daddy gets home. I'm usually feeding her and when he comes in the door and says something she perks up. She usually unmatched to see where he is. 
  • Loves sitting in her bumboo so she can see everything. Just like with Livvy, it's a life saver at dinner time or any time mommy has to get something done. 
  • Still wearing 0-3 month cloths. We got a few 3-6 months for Christmas and have been trying them. Still a little big
  • Lies to kick. Allen says she trying to run somewhere laying down. It's so true! Sure love this Little bug
  • She has found her voice. Most of the time it's so cute with all her cooing and talking. But it's already starting...the high pitched scream. I think out of all of them she screeches the loudest. I think part of that we don't have anything to shove in her mouth.  I try the palm of my thumb.  It helps sometimes. 
  • She loves playing with her pink monkey stick and the blue puppy. Oh course she tries to eat them. 
Her schedule right now:
Wakes up between 8 and 8:30 usually and nurses. 
Naps around 10. In the last 2 weeks it's been around 1030 because she wants to nurse again. 
Most of the time she naps till around noon and nurses. Sometimes she will sleep past 1pm. If she sleeps till noon i put her back down around 2-2:30ish and nurse her right before. She'll sleep till about 4-4:30 ish. If she ends up taking her long nap in the morning and sleeps past 1pm I will nurse her when she wakes up and I usually put her down for a short nap around 3:30. (This happened once or twice a week)
I nurse her when she wakes up from that short nap around 5.  We get ready for bed about 6:30. I nurse her yet again and she's in bed between 7 and 7:30. Most of the time she wakes up between 4:30 and 5:30am to nurse and goes back to sleep until she wakes. In the last 6 weeks since we've been on this schedule she occasionally (once sometimes twice a week) wakes up between 2:30 and 3:30. I think this happened because she really isn't eating solids in a regular basis yet. She just doesn't gobble them up and it takes 5 times to get her to swallow the bite so we need to focus on that!!

The girls love her so much and are such big helpers. They are getting really good at whispering when she's asleep. I know I should have it be normal activities while she sleeps but since Addi and Livvy don't really nap anymore I use it as a quiet time for everyone. I think she is becoming more aware of strangers. I'll give it another month before she won't let others hold her. I'm glad she is taking her time growing and trying to do new things to quickly because I need her to stay a baby just a little longer. Sure love you Emmry Rose!!



Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Emmry @ 4 months

Weight:  11 ponds 13 ounces

Length:  23 1/2 inches

Head:  15 3/4

We went to the doctor today 11/8/2016 also election day, which we voted Trump.

Oh Emmry I thought livi was feisty...you win. At such a young age you are letting mommy have it whenever something isn't quite right. You still are sleeping mostly in mommy and daddy's room but on Oct 19th daddy had surgery on his knee and so when I put you to bed I lay you down in the little bed I made for you on the guest bed. You have been doing pretty good.
Since you're the youngest, you have t quite got a schedule down yet but we are getting there mommy just has to be consistent and it'll come

Right now mommy trues to have you fed and in bed by 830 but most the time it right about 9 and you have been sleeping till about 130 or 2 but some night it's still 1230 you wake up. Then you sleep until 430 or 5.  Then i usually get you back to sleep till around 8 or you wake up right as im taking addie to school at 745.  By this time your sisters weren't waking for the extra feeding and slept from about 830 to 430 or 5am.  We will get there. Napping during the day is more rough because with older sisters we are on the go more but as winter is coming we will be staying home more to get you on a better nap schedule but right now we try for between 930am and 10, between 1 and 2pm and then again around 530.  We love this little missy so much. She has stolen our hearts

Anyway what you cute girl are up to at 4 months

-sucking on her hands
-staring to be aware of strangers. Is starting to cry alittle when she know mommy or daddy doesnt have her
-smiles all the time
-out of all 3 of them at 4 months she talks the most. She also complains the most
-she still doesn't take a binky...sometimes at night we force her and that takes 5 minutes
-she loves to follow everyone and likes to focus on their faces now
-in the mornings when mommy is trying to get ready, as long as she is sitting up alittle and can see me, she is happy
-sometimes when you are so upset usually when mommy is making dinner only your sisters can console you. You love them to take and sing to you
-you've discovered maggie and find her interesting
-you love to be on the floor. You are wiggling all around and I know you're just going to rollover soon.
-she nurses on both sides almost every time now except at night...one side puts her back to sleep
-she is starting to reach for things mainly my hair of course but likes the blue puppy and the duck with rings

Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween 2016


It was so exciting to get to dress three little girls up for Halloween. With Allen just having his knee surgery on the 19th he wasn't up to going trick-or-treating with us so we went and picked Bri and her friend Sophie and took the girls to the bank to go trick-or-treating this year. We were going to head down to the park to see everybody from 48th ward but I just ran out of energy so we came home and took some cute pictures of the girls instead. Next year I'm going to try really hard to have a Halloween party at the house. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Emmry @ 2 months

Weight: 9 ponds 13 ounces
Length:  22 1/2 inches long
Head:  14 3/4 circumference
  • Starting to

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Little Livi

I was just thinking today, I have really fallen behind on journaling this last year. I went back to read something from when Addison was a certain age to see if it would help me with Livi and I realized I need to have documentation like that for Livi as well. As grandma always say repent...so I am going to do my best!!!
Lately Alivia has been needing a specific Whatever to fall asleep. Doesn't matter what it is but it seems to be something small or that is really hard to keep track of. This week it has been Addie's little aurora doll that she got for Easter. That has made things more difficult, convincing her to share but on the flip side as a mom these sort of things tough at my heart strings.

Friday, January 10, 2014

I completely agree with this and Add My Tesimony to it!!

"I have come to a few conclusions these past few days.
I feel like if I am not proactive in sharing
how I feel then I am not being true to who I am,
to my family, my duty as a mother and blogger, and most importantly to God.
First and foremost, I stand with and will defend my Mormon faith.
Whatever the Prophet says, I do.
As a mother of five children I will not stand around
and let the world decide what is moral,
what is right, and how I should raise my children.
And just because the world changes with
every single trend doesn't mean I will too.
As a Mormon, I want to make it clear that
I can still love everyone but I don't have to
agree or condone others lifestyle choices that go against the teachings of our
Heavenly Father and His commandments and words.
If God changed at every single whim and fad, He would cease to be God.

I have heard it said that people think that being good, having a family, and following moral rules means you are stupid, and uneducated.
Big news: It's not.
I will fiercely defend my family and will not change or become a "try-hard" to
seem awesome and fit-in with the changing values of this world.

I believe I am a woman of worth.
I believe I have a roll in my Mormon faith and I don't need anything more
to supplement or make me feel otherwise.
I am grateful for this knowledge and know that it is a blessing.
I also believe that God created His children and
loves each one of them equally, no matter what they do.
I believe that I can teach my children to love everyone, as I do--regardless
of what they choose to do in this life
or how they choose to live it and with whom.
But I also want them to know that they don't have to
accept or agree every one's lifestyle to feel like they can fit in society today.

I can't tell you how liberating it is to follow rules, follow a living prophet
of God, and to teach this to my family.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Livi @ 18 Months

Weight: 22 pounds
Height: 30 1/2 inches
Head:  18 1/2
Foot length: 4.75 inches

Oh my goodness, where to start on this girl. Just to give you an idea of what I mean, she is onry but when she does something naughty, all I want to to is maul her with kisses. She is so stinkin cute it hurts sometimes. She knows just how to push Addisons buttons...we are working on not teasing her big sister.

Out of both my girls I thought for sure Olivia would have no problem going to nursery. She isn't shy or timid for that matter...so I thought. Boy was I wrong. Addie went after a few times by herself. We just start walking there and Livi starts crying. I really need her to go, because with my new calling as primary president, it doesn't really leave me much free time on Sunday! Until she decides it isn't so bad, daddy is suffering through.

Livi started saying a ton of words just in the last week, and some phrases to. Let me see if I can make a list:
I did it
oh no
no, no, no (to the puppy when she barks)
potty (mainly for when I'm going)

For the last week or so, I've been having her keep her binky in her bed and only getting it for naps and bed. She hasn't liked it and has been crankier than usual, but I think she is finally understanding. I might falter and give it back to her as I see she is just about to cut all four of her I teeth??

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I am a mean mom

I came upon this article and loved it mainly because i agree with every bit of it. We are doing our children a dis-service by giving then whatever they want, not making them give and learn respect and allowing them to rule the roost!! We need to be teachers of good.I'm not actually being mean, just trying to set them up for success because I love then so much. One day they will thank me (hopefully)

Here is the article,
Once, I walked out of the store without giving into my child’s tantrum for a cookie. A woman stopped me in the parking lot and told me I was the best parent in the shopping center. My daughter wasn’t so sure. When your kids tell you you’re mean, take it as a compliment. The rising generation has been called the laziest, rudest, most entitled kids in history. The news stories scare the best of moms. It’s easy to want to throw in the towel with your own kids. After all, don’t we all want to be the cool mom? Don’t give up. They may think you’re mean now, but they’ll thank you later.Here are 12 ways to be the meanest mom in the world:1. Make your kids go to bed at a reasonable time. Is there really anyone who hasn’t heard how important a good night’s rest is to a child’s success? Be the parent and put your kid to bed. No one ever said the kid had to want to go to bed. Now enjoy some quiet me or couple time.2. Don’t give your kids dessert every day. Sweets should be saved for special occasions. That’s what makes them a "treat.” If you give in to your child’s demands for goodies all the time, he won’t appreciate the gesture when someone offers a sweet gift or reward. Plus, imagine the dentist and doctor bills that may result from your over-indulgence.3. Make them pay for their own stuff. If you want something, you have to pay for it. That’s the way adult life works. To get your kids out of your basement in the future, you need to teach your children now that the gadgets, movies, video games, sports teams and camps they enjoy have a price. If they have to pay part of that price, they’ll appreciate it more. You may also avoid paying for something your child only wants until he has it. If he’s not willing to go half with you, he probably doesn’t want it that badly.4. Don’t pull strings. Some kids get a rude awakening when they get a job and realize that the rules actually do apply to them. They have to come on time and do what the boss wants. And, (gasp!) part of the job they don’t even like. If you don’t like your child’s teacher, science partner, position on the soccer field or placement of the bus stop, avoid the temptation to make a stink or pull strings until he gets his preference. You are robbing your child of the chance to make the best of a difficult situation. Dealing with less-than-ideal circumstance is something she will have to do most of her adult life. If children never learn to handle it, you’re setting them up for failure.5. Make them do hard things.Don’t automatically step-in and take over when things get hard. Nothing gives your kids a bigger self-confidence boost than sticking to it and accomplishing something difficult.6. Give them a watch and an alarm clock. Your child will be better off if he learns the responsibility of managing his own time. You’re not always going to be there to remind her to turn off the TV and get ready to go.7. Don’t always buy the latest and greatest. Teach your children gratitude for, and satisfaction with, the things they have. Always worrying about the next big thing and who already has it will lead to a lifetime of debt and unhappiness.8. Let them feel loss. If your child breaks a toy, don’t replace it. He’ll learn a valuable lesson about taking care of his stuff. If your child forgets to turn in homework, let him take the lower grade or make him work out extra credit with his teacher himself. You are teaching responsibility — who doesn’t want responsible kids? They can help remind you of all the things you forget to do.9. Control media. If all the other parents let their child jump off a bridge, would you? Don’t let your kids watch a show or play a video game that is inappropriate for children just because all their friends have done it. If you stand up for decent parenting, others may follow. Create some positive peer pressure.10. Make them apologize. If your child does something wrong, make her fess up and face the consequences. Don’t brush rudeness, bullying or dishonesty under the rug. If you mess up, set the example and eat your humble pie.11. Mind their manners. Even small children can learn the basics of how to treat another human with respect and dignity. By making politeness a habit, you’ll be doing your kids a huge favor. Good manners go a long way toward getting someone what they want. We’ve all heard the saying, "You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar."12. Make them work — for free. Whether it’s helping Grandma in the garden or volunteering to tutor younger kids, make service a part of your child’s life. It teaches them to look outside themselves and realize that other people have needs and problems, too — sometimes greater than their own.With all the time you spend being mean, don’t forget to praise and reward your children for their stellar behavior. And always, make sure they know you love them. With a little luck, your kids can turn the tide and make their generation one known for its hope and promise.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Addie @ 3 years

weight:  26 pounds
height:  34 inches
head:  19
Well to start off again for the third year in a row we have not been home on Addison's actual birthday. It's okay because it doesn't really matter when you celebrate it or what day its on as long as you do, right!!!

In Addison's case for some reason there has been a significant event happening on her birthday. The first year we were in Colorado for nanny and Papas 50th wedding anniversary and then we went to Breckenridge for the family reunion.  The second year we had Grandma Farnsworth's funeral and this year we were at Gammy's house, so we finally had a little birthday party with a cake and people singing to her...she loved it but was sick...poor little girl. Maybe numero cuatro will be a winner !!!

We had a great birthday for her regardless. I love to see this munchkin grow and change. I think it is time to potty train for sure. I keep asking her if she is ready to go in the big potty all the time and not wear diapers anymore. She still isn't sure about giving up her onzies...if we can get rid of those then she will be ready

Addie is up to a lot of things:

She is talking up a storm these days. I wondered if she was ever going to and I am so happy that she figuring it out now.  
She loves Dora and Sofia the first. She loved watching Caillou but I wasn't a fan, it teaches a good lesson but he always questioned when his mom asked him to do something and he was so whinny. I started noticing Addison acting like this so I put an x-nay to that. I'm glad I did...Sofia the first is so much better.
She loves going on walks...this is nothing new but now she loves to push her baby in the stroller while I push Livi. This is a moment that just melts my heart. 
She is finally starting to smile for the camera. One in every 10 times but I'll take it. This last picture I captured it...it's one in a millions!
I was in the kitchen making something the other day and addie went and got her stool to help. She was reading off to me what I needed next from the cookbook. She would say, "mommy ouu need this next, then licking her finger, turning the page and saying, "now this and this", as she was naming things off
Whenever she leaves the room she tells me, "all be wight back", it must be because I do that to her all the time...
She loves helping me do the dishes and will stand there for an extra 30 minutes after just playing in the water and pretending to wash. I hope this faze sticks around for awhile. 

She is still taking fantastic naps. Her schedule is: She goes down for a nap around 1 and sometimes I have to wake her up at 4 so she will go to bed. I put her down around 7:45 but since it's been summer and she wants to see her daddy, it's usually around 8. She is such a good girl. 


Friday, July 19, 2013

Kami's Wedding

I am so grateful that Heavenly Father never leaves us. Even when bad things happen, he is always guiding our path if we but stay faithful. Kami went through a horrible divorce where her husband broke his vows and strayed away from values they chose to live together. They have a child so no seeing him after was out of the question. He was hateful and mean. It tore Kami up inside having to send her precious girl to be with her father where there were no standards and morals. Three years have passed since then and she has met the most amazing man who wants to be her's. What an emotional expereince to be able to attend and share in their happy day.
Kami and I have always been special friends...I love her and am so happy that she is started her happily ever after!!!

 It was really nice to spend some time with my Momma. It was a pretty day and I always love spending time on the Temple grounds. I have to say this was one of the nicest experiences at a wedding. The workers in the temple didn't rush us, or were never short with us. They let us stay in the temple and look at things and enjoy the moments.I will always recommend to someone to be married in the Manti Temple.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer 2013 so far.....

Well we are finally back home and enjoying it very much. The girls are doing the cute little things they do and this momma is just enjoying sitting back and taking it all in.
 This is their favorite thing to do!!! I love to watch them being so happy.
 My little Indian is passing me in the complexion department. She got her daddy's olive skin. One day in the sun and she's brown.
 She is enjoying her front facing seat. I switcher her a the beginning of July and she is loving it now. It took a week for her to like it unlike Addison where it was almost instant.
 Sleeping babies are the best. Whenever we travel to either Grandma's or Gammy's they fall asleep. It's good because Allen and I can talk, but also because it melts my heart to watch them, they are so peaceful!!
There are very few days that the girls don't want to get dressed right when they wake up, but on the occasion they don't , I take advantage of it...MY LITTLE ORPHAN GIRLS!!!
 Livi isn't quite walking so she is enjoying her walker.
 Addie has everything she needs. She pulls it around with her and when she finds a good place, she sets up shop. I got a video of this and can't wait to watch it in a few years!!
 It is my goal every day to help these girls be the best of friends. It isn't easy but I know one day they will thank me for keeping them close and teaching them to play together and be kind!!
It's about time to take this binky away during the day. Give me a month and then she wont have it much any more I hope.

Addie has been very imaginative lately. She runs around some days and cleans the house like Cinderella, makes me dinner or dances around like Tianna. But most of all she loves taking care of her babies.
Oh Livi you are so close to walking, We know you can do it but I guess you will when you are good and ready!!
I try to get cute pictures of these two and it is like pulling teeth. They are never looking, smiling or happy at the same time. Heaven Help me in October when we get more pictures taken!